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Promoting Knowledge and Fellowship in the Metals Industry


About The Toronto Steel Buyers & Associates


Our Mission

Our Mission







To bring those industries to which metal is a major commodity into helpful association with each other so as to further their professional knowledge and promote fellowship and new memberships within Toronto Steel Buyers and Associates.


Those persons who are employed in, or associated with, the metals industry and whose interests are directed to metal products are eligible for membership.

Regular dinner meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday during the months of October, November, January, February, March, and April.


Our History


Founded in 1968, a group of professionals within the steel industry established a non-profit organization to promote both knowledge and fellowship with the industry. At its conception this organization started out with only twenty members and now numbers in the hundreds of members and associates representing the steel industry. Mr. Jim O’Brien the first president and his executives paved the way with a constitution laid out to determine the goals for its members and associates.


Six times a year senior executives mainly from the steel industry are invited to speak to the association to provide their input about what they foresee and are expecting within this industry. This association must acknowledge that it is strongly represented by the presidents from the following steel companies Dofasco Inc., Stelco Inc., Algoma Steel Inc. and Samuel, Son & Company Limited.

  Man Wielding


These monthly dinner meetings were held at various locations within the Toronto area such as the Constellation Hotel. In 1971 Mr. Tom Brannon a member of the prestigious Weston Golf & Country Club obtained permission to hold all meetings here. The club is known for the time Mr. Arnold Palmer won his first PGA tour event. For the past 35 years dinners have been held on the fourth Wednesdays of October, November, January, February, March and April. And to date a dinner has never been cancelled. In those early years dances were also held at this location for the members and their spouses. Interest fell short during the recession of 1984.


Mr. Bruce Niven former president and the executive took the association to a new level hosting its first golf tournament in 1982. This tournament has become well known as one of the best events within the steel industry today. Club Links, Blue Springs golf course now hold this annual event and has been sold out each year for the past decade represented by 160 members and associates.


In 1985, the constitution was revised to pave the way for its first chairman Mr. Paul McCarthy who has been succeeded by Mr. Bill Hutton. His influence and guidance has provided a strong foundation for this association and for what it stands for today. Also, the constitution was revised at that time to change the name of the association to Toronto Steel Buyers & Associates.


In 1999, Mr. Mike Atwell president and the executive decided to create a website to allow the executive to update its membership and associates of upcoming events. In those early days envelopes were sent out to approximately three hundred people for notifications.


April of each year has become know as the monthly dinners where past presidents and lifetime members (See List Below) are invited back to this dinner and are acknowledged for their year of service. A Lifetime member is a past president from the executive committee who is now retired from the industry.


This association appreciates its founders Mr. Jim O’Brien, Mr. Peter Benne, Mr. Tom Brannon, Mr. Eric Gray & Mr. Stan Wilkinson.



Past Presidents

  • Jim O'Brien 1968-1969
  • Stan Wilkinson 1969-1970
  • Tom Payne 1970-1971
  • Phil Myerson 1971-1972
  • Ken Starbuck 1972-1973
  • Della Overton 1973-1974
  • Eric Gray 1974-1975
  • Peter Benne 1975-1976
  • John Shelson 1976-1977
  • Ron Avery 1977-1978
  • Doreen Bannon 1978-1979

  • Canute Salmon 1979-1980
  • Bill Cooper 1980-1981
  • Len Richardson 1981-1982
  • Bruce Niven 1982-1983
  • Doug Minard 1983-1984
  • Betty Lucciani 1984-1985
  • Bob Lyng 1985-1986
  • Hugh Bishop 1986-1987
  • Cec Young 1987-1988
  • Georgina Boreham 1988-1989

  • Martin Carfrae 1989-1990

  • Fred Gilbert 1990-1991
  • Paul McCarthy 1991-1993
  • Tony Garcia 1993-1995
  • Howard McCarthy 1995-1996
  • Bill Hutton 1996-1998
  • Nicole Grominsky 1998-1999
  • Mike Atwell 1999-2000
  • Jeff Pellizzari 2000-2002
  • Joseph Fragomeni 2002-2003

  • Tim Simon 2003-2004

  • Neal Newman 2004-2005

  • Kathy Rockall 2005-2006
  • David McBride 2006-2007
  • David Brannon 2007-2008
  • Jeff Welsh 2008-2010
  • Jeff Pellizzari 2010-2012
  • Ryle Chislett 2012-2014
  • Glenn Barbisan 2014-2016
  • Mike Malka 2016-2018
  • Ashley Dent 2018-2020
  • Nick McDonald 2020-2022