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Our Executive Committee


Nick MacDonald
Bill Hutton


Company:  Tubular Steel Inc. Company:  Toronto Steel Buyers  


416-910-1150 Phone:  905-746-1536  


[email protected] Email:  [email protected]  
Vice President: 
Jeff Pellizzari
Vice Chairman: 
Ryle Chislett
Company:  Gerdau Company:  Russel Metals Inc.  
Phone:  905-277-4711 Phone:  905-819-7339  
Email:  [email protected] Email:  [email protected]  
Past President: 
Omar Caballero
Company:    Company:  Combined Metal Industries  
Phone:    Phone:  416-898-2024  
Email:    Email:  [email protected]  
Executive Member: 
Glenn Barbisan
Executive Member: 
Matt Robinson
Company:  Tubular Steel Inc. Company:  Tripple M Metal  
Phone:  905-973-8823 Phone:     
Email:  [email protected] Email:  [email protected]  


Toronto Steel Buyers & Associates

6-2400 Dundas St. West, Suite #202

Mississauga, ON

L5K 2R8


Would you like to make a difference and help in giving back to the steel industry? Why not join the executive committee of the Toronto Steel Buyers & Associates. We are actively looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the executive please contact us below:


Toronto Steel Buyers

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